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Dental Technology

Intra Oral Camera

Using an Intra Oral Camera gives us a chance to give you a guided tour of your mouth. The camera can be moved around your mouth while you watch live on a screen, allowing you to see and better understand what your dentist is communicating to you. We can also capture a still photograph that often allows us to show you what is happening to your teeth.

Low Dose, Digital Radiographs

At Dental Excellence we believe in using low dose digital radiographs. This technology uses 90% less radiation than standard dental radiographs. Also by using Digital Radiographs it allows us to more thoroughly analyse the results right away as they appear instantly on our computer.

Diagnostic Trans-illumination

A Trans-illuminator is a very useful diagnostic tool often used when doing examinations. It is like a small fibre-optic torch that is used to shine a bright fibre-optic light painlessly through the tooth. The tooth then “lights up” and, because decayed areas and fracture lines refract light differently, it allows us to locate these areas more accurately.

Diagnostic Laser

A diagnostic dental laser can be used to help diagnose active decay (caries) that can occur in the fine grooves (fissures) of your teeth. It causes no discomfort. Working with a diagnostic laser can allow patients to have problems diagnosed earlier which then means less invasive treatments can be used, usually without the need for local anaesthetic.

If you would like any more information about our diagnostic dental lasers please feel free to contact the practice and one of our dentists will talk to you.

Micro Air Abrasion


  • Air Abrasion is one of the latest technologies in fine tooth structure removal.
  • Air Abrasion is available to anyone, and is especially helpful for children.
  • Air Abrasion uses tiny sand particles to microscopically blast away decay.

In cases where Air Abrasion can be used instead of the conventional drill, it is a much more comfortable procedure to use to restore a problematic tooth.

Micro Air Abrasion is safe for the mouth and allows a finer preparation with minimal removal of tooth structure. It tends to be more comfortable for the patient which is why we like to use this in our practice.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding with a surgical or invasive procedure, you should seek a second opinion from an
appropriately qualified health practitioner.